Did you know Noahcoin?

Did you know Japanese are generally more into saving money than investing it?  And yet, they are now investing in ‘Noahcoin’. The total amount spent on Noahcoin is reaching an equivalent amount of a national budget of a small country. What exactly is this Noahcoin?

Cryptocurrency trading became widely popular in Japan in 2017. As a matter of fact, in a short period of 9 month, between January and October of 2017, the value of bitcoin jumped up from ¥100,000 to ¥1,000,000.


One of the reasons for this increase was the timing of its promotion by bitFlyer which was one of the major bitcoin exchanges in Japan. In January of 2017, the value per bitcoin marked its highest at \150,000 at that time. BitFlyer seized this opportunity to promote bitcoin, which triggered the hike in its value.


Another large factor of the spread of bitcoin in Japan is the introduction of ICO by Mr. Tadashi Izumi.  Thanks to Mr. Izumi, value of cryptocurrency became widely known, which naturally lead to the increase of bitcoin trading.

Who is Tadashi Izumi?


He established his name as a pioneer of cryptocurrency, who is now also known as “the King of Coin” by international medias.  Renowned business magazine “Forbes” featured an article regarding cryptocurrencies and interviewed him in the 2017 December edition


Mr. Izumi also has predicted that ADAcoin would most certainly increase its value.   After his prediction, ADAcoin was listed in internationally major exchanges, and its price jumped up 50 times more than the initial price from the first day of listing.


He surely takes pride in the fact that he was the key player to spread bitcoin in Japan


What is ICO?



Let’s say you own some pre-listed shares.  Once those shares are listed in one of the major stock exchanges such as the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, you would make an immense profit without any efforts.


These new listings are called IPO, and its cryptocurrency version is called ICO.
This means that if you own pre-listed cryptocurrencies, and hold on to them until they are listed in major international exchanges for example, your profit would become enormous without much effort. Let me remind you that the increase in the price of cryptocurrency is beyond comparison.


What is this cryptocurrency?


“NOAHCOIN”is it!  The Japanese decided that Noahcoin was the greatest opportunity for investment in recent history. The total amount of funds that was poured into Noahcoin almost equals to the amount of a national budget of a small country.  And remember? Japanese do not generally like to invest so much.



What is Noahcoin?


Noahcoin is an improved version of bitcoin which has some major issues.

  • Instant payment (Bitcoin payment takes 10 minutes to process)
  • Energy saver (Bitcoin consumes 982 megawatts of electricity per day for processing.)
  • High processing capability (Bitcoin cannot be processed in high volume at once)
  • Noahcoin is a global project run by established companies with customer services to handle problems if needed. (Bitcoin is run by volunteer programmers from all over the world without any specific location of operation.)




Unlike other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Noahcoin has a solid source which is the Noah Foundation.


Another factor to consider Noahcoin being safer and more reliable than other cryptocurrencies is that some major trustworthy Japanese companies are sponsoring this project.

Mr. Tadashi Izumi who was previously mentioned in this passage, said “Judging from the amount of Japan money invested, the value of Noahcoin will be not just a few times more but 10 times to 100 times more than the original value after the world debut following the closing of pre-sale on June 12th, 2018.


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